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Women's Medium-heeled Casual Sandals and Slippers

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Memory Foam Are Fantastic For Supporting Feet

Pain Relief

The advantages of shoes: Comfortable shoes with corrective function.

Nobody pain (back, pelvic, hip pain, etc.) when running through an extra softly steamed sole.

Pressure Distribution

The bow design ensures that your weight is evenly distributed on the toes, arch, and ball at all times.

Stable hold: Stable hold and comfortable fit despite heel.

Extremely non-slip sole: a secure grip in every situation.

Premium Orthotic Support With Multiple Cushioning Layers

The premium orthotic insoles, featuring anatomical arch support help improve foot and leg alignment, enhancing comfort and easing stress and pain on the heel.

Ultra Lightweight & Breathable

Made by Flyknit Technology, PREMIUM COMFY WALK walking shoes feature breathable smooth mesh upper, making a good fit for a wide width foot. Air has plenty of room to circulate and cool down your feet..


1. Please select a suitable size depending on your foot length

2. Once you know your foot length, consult the Size Chart to determine which size you should purchase.


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