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3D ComfySculpt Honeycomb Insole

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Walking has never been more comfortable with 3D Comfy Sculpt! 

3D Comfy Sculpt is designed to fit the pressure support different parts of your feet need!  


  • Honeycomb Shock Absorption Gel Pad! 3D ComfySculpt comes with a silicone heel pad that will absorb shock and release the impact through the honeycomb structure, effectively minimizing damages towards your feet and knees from daily running, jumping, and walking! 

  • Triple Section Unique Support! Different parts of your feet will have different needs for cushioning support! With 3 different sections on the insole, we designed 3D ComfySculpt to fit their needs respectively! 

  • Total Feet Pressure Release! 3D ComfySculpt evenly distributes your weight in every step and release the pressure in your foot, effectively reduce the tension stored in your foot! 

  • Alleviates Multiple Issues! 3D ComfySculpt gives your foot proper support and prevents the ankles to roll to the sides. The padded support is proved to alleviate foot problems such as Gout, Achilles Tendonitis, Ankle Strain, Flatfoot, and more! By keeping your legs in a proper posture, it can reduce spinal and pelvic issues from the feet! 

  • Tailor Your Perfect Fit! 3D ComfySculpt can be easily trimmed down to the size of your feet! Feel free to use it for any shoes! 


  • Weight: S (55g); L(61.8g)

  • Materials: BK Mesh, EVA, TPU, Latex Sponge, Silicone

  • Size Guide: 


  • (1 Pair Set) 1 Pair* 3D ComfySculpt Honeycomb Insole

  • (2 Pairs Set) 2 Pairs* 3D ComfySculpt Honeycomb Insole